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Coaching can be used to move away from the suffering that can accompany intensity.  If a less intense person suffers with frustrations, disappointments or heartache in life, an intense person suffers that much more.  Intensity coaching is designed to use intensity as a driver for personal growth and development.  Intensity will always be intense but through coaching we don’t have to be powerless.  We can develop the personal power to experience life differently, to create what we desire, and to calm the irritated spirit while honoring our intense nature.

Coaching is most effective for intense personalities using the following three components:

  1. Understanding intensity
  2. Finding your support system
  3. Practices to develop intensity

Martha practices ontological coaching along with a deep personal understanding of intensity to provide lasting and profound change for her clients. Purpose in life can be renewed and reinvigorated.  Relationships can be transformed, particularly the most important relationship, the relationship with self.